About Me

 emily“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice,”

Author unknown 

If you have seen my About.me page (click here) you know about the “Business-me” but you don’t really know much about the “Personal-me”.

First of all it’s kind of weird and egotistical to write anything about yourself….isn’t it?  Especially because I think the way we see ourselves does not always ‘jive” with reality.  So this paragraph is more like what I think I am, rather than what I really am.

I am a spiritual person…I believe that what Jesus taught was important and he was special but I believe more than that….I seek truth and don’t just accept everything other people tell me (more about that in my blog posts) .and I think I have a heart of mercy but I don’t do even 1/100th of the things that I would like to be doing to help other people (things that OTHER mercy-hearted people are doing – not that I’m trying to lay a guilt trip on myself but hey…let’s be real here). But I can say that one of my strong suits is empathy and forgiveness….two traits that previous mates have wanted to change with a vengeance (FYI, ain’t gonna happen!)

I’m also a person of science and logic….and I believe that many of the tenants of Christianity will eventually be proven to be true by science.  For that reason I occasionally write about science & religion.

I am a person who can go a long time without getting mad but when I do, it’s sometimes ridiculously explosive. I’m working on that by the way.

I have a love of Medicine and I know more than your average schmoe. I try not to look back with regret that I didn’t study at least one of the sciences, in college…..but now at this older age, I am happy to learn as much as I can and share that with people who care about it (by the way this may seem like a personal problem but it doesn’t seem like the people I care about care that much about the things I’m interested in…..so I’m searching for those of you out there who DO care about those things).

I learned an important life lesson because I didn’t do what my heart told me to do as a young girl….and I try to share it with whoever will listen because this is an issue of great importance for young people.  You MUST follow your heart and not what your parents are telling you they think you should do or be, because believe me, they won’t be there 20 years from now to DRAG your butt out of bed and get you to a job you hate.  Follow your heart….do the thing that makes you feel whole….do the thing that you have a natural talent for…..money and health and whatever else your heart desires will work itself out on its own after that.

I believe with all my heart that what we experience can be influenced by what we say, feel and think...but I’m just now discovering how that works and how to make those things happen in my life.

I’m conservative (Libertarian, to be exact) in my political beliefs but I think we are way too divided in this country and I know for a fact that we have huge misconceptions about our counterparts on “the other side” (so to speak).  So for that reason I try to say that we MUST set aside the BS that’s spewed out by all segments of the press and THINK FOR OURSELVES.  Try to remember that no one group is all one way…..not Republicans, not Democrats, Not Women, Not Blacks, Not ANY one group is made up of all the same constituents…and it’s incredibly ignorant to say anything otherwise (sorry, but it is).  I’m very happy that we are breaking down the barriers of interracial marriage because I think that’s the only way we are ever going to come to understand each other and set aside our differences for thing things we share that are alike. As a person of science, I can tell you that the color of our skin is a HUGELY INSIGNIFICANT way to separate ourselves from each other. It’s not only insignificant but it’s so so so very ignorant.  I’m not saying we don’t all have cultural differences but that’s a different story – and quite frankly i love learning new things about other cultures.  ALL ONE CULTURE IS BORING and so you might consider dropping your preconceived notions about Greeks or Blacks or Whites or whatever because its just hurting us all as a society.  And that goes for all of us – white AND blacks AND etc.  The OLDER i get the more i can see beyond a person’s physical state and see the light that is in them (or NOT in them in some cases).

 I think it is NOT our job to judge (so the Bible tells me so…) and by judging Gay people, for example,  we are pushing them away from a relationship with God AND that is terribly wicked.  I don’t believe we will eventually have to pay for it but if we dig deep down inside of ourselves, is this who we really are?  Jesus told us…that the most important commandments were to love the Lord our God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  If that’s true then we have a whole lot more loving to do as well as a whole lot less judging.

I have studied Near Death Experiences even though I’ve never had one, although my day will come, as it does for all of us.  I have one or two small variations in my beliefs from traditional Christianity because of these studies and hearing about people who have been to the other side.  A lady who I was house sitting for said I was obsessed with Death but I quite disagree….I’m obsessed with LIFE.

To wrap it up.…of course there are a million other things I could say about myself…..I love dogs, I love Greek food, I love the mountains and cool weather, I love my family, I love learning, I love Chicago, I suck as a poor person, I have a cynical sense of humor, I want to be in love and I believe I can love that way again, and on and on and on.

Meanwhile God bless you…thank you for reading my blog (and following it!) and please choose joy…..