How can we save the world?

A few weeks ago, the E.U. decided to give Glyphosate another ten-year round to destroy Earth’s delicate ecosystems further.

Or what’s left to destroy.

Hurai, another win for Bayer/Monsanto, the anti-earth lobby AKA extraction capitalism at the cost of all of us. 

Am I exaggerating? Not really.

This writing is not going to be playing the victim on the ongoing perverse incentive show of crony capitalism. I left this stage behind some time ago. 

It’s too late to cry wolve. 

We’re getting ugly close to the vision of one of Northern America’s wisest Indian leaders: the White man won’t stop until he realises he can’t eat money. Or, the brainwashed mob will wake up when they’re with their backs against the wall.

Will it be too late, then? Will we experience our 6th extinction event? Or will we magically transform and show an unheard-of eco-resilience and sudden collective spiritual awakening?

I guess we’ll find out in the coming decades. We have 60 harvests left.

Here’s new information from expert Zach Busch on the effects of Round-Up and why it’s not too late when we change one single thing.

This is how you can help.


Why Zach Busch remains positive

Zach Busch MD. researched the effects of Round-Up for decades and has proven the relationship with multiple diseases like cancer and auto-immune. This follows his groundbreaking research on the relationship between our soil and our gut. He also supports countless farmers on the ground with his farmersfootprint program.

As Zach Busch explains in one of his recent podcasts, there is no atom out of place on this planet. Everything is utterly perfect in the grand scheme of things. It’s all a perfect mirror for us to learn. For me, it hurts to witness humanity’s blunt neglect, its massive blind spot when it comes to embracing nature instead of killing and exploiting it in the name of holy profit.

In light of the ongoing Glysophate menace, the podcast host asks Zach how to protect ourselves against a poison that has deleted 4 of humanity’s 22 primary amino acids. ( Those are the building blocks of our pool of life).

It’s taking four nouns out of the Alphabet. The result is a worldwide health mis-spelling. Zach logically deducts the answer from his knowledge, on-the-ground experience and expertise:

We can’t. It’s too late. The poison is everywhere.

It has been sprayed consistently for the last 40 years. It’s in every single one of us, in our soil, rainwater and air. According to FarmerFootprint.US, It’s in 95% of our beer and wine, in 80–90% of popular wheat-based products, and even in tampons, breast milk and in 33% of our honey.

Europe just pushed us closer to the edge of full eco-collapse. The U.S is not even considering to ban Round-Up.

Still, there’s hope. Let’s first see what science is saying.

What does the science say?

Monsanto’s paid market scientist will claim that there is no threat proven, that no relation can be made to the increase of cancer in, let’s say, Louisiana, where the Mississippi is at its broadest. In this clip, Zach explains that when you merge cancer heat maps with Round-Up heat maps in connection to the Mississippi, the unbiased eye can see an undeniable truth: a considerable correlation.

It’s not where you spray where you should look. It’s where it accumulates in river systems.

The Mississippi River has been the catch-all for 80/85% of all glysophate sprayed in the U.S — Collected in a single water system. The shocking fact is that cancer heat maps have been the highest in the world here, up to the Gulf of Mexico. According to Zach, this is no coincidence. Others claimed it was bad socio-economic circumstances—high poverty. But no, it’s the Round-Up correlation.

You can apply this anywhere in the world.

Glyphosate, Chronic Illnesses and the End of the World

The beginning of the end began in 1976 when Monsanto started their glysophate planet Earth destruction. Of course they all had good intentions at the time and as you can read in my earlier piece about Round-Up. People and farmers worldwide were prepared to use a solution that needed agriculture to scale. The problem was packed in a narrative, presented by the club of Rome. Overpopulation, not enough mouth to feed, etc. We needed a green revolution.

Of course, the solution was presented as being safe and effective. You might recognize these words by now whenever your trusted Government presents a solution to an (often created) problem that threatens public health.

Around that time, the slogan imagined by PR offices that needed to sell the narrative was that Round-Up was saver than water.

Decades later, when the truth surfaces and becomes undeniable, the effects of Glysophate are everything but ‘saver than water’. It has poisoned our water worldwide.

Following the heat maps, you see shocking correlations between high concentrations of Glysophate and a massive increase in autism, obesity, Parkinson’s, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, and finally, cancer. Another breathtaking statistic is around chronic disease in the U.S. It was around 4% of the whole U.S. population in the 60ies, growing to a stunning 46% of only children in 2019.

Lawyers are starting to win cases where the correlation of cancer of their clients is successfully attributed to Round-Up spraying. Monsanto/Bayer has 11.000 court cases waiting. And there is more damage. At this moment, one-third of U.S. males are infertile, according to sperm count research. How come? That’s another Round-Up effect, according to Zach.

We’ve probably already passed checkpoint Charlie when Al Gore made his movie An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. We’re beyond the point of save return. His next movie should be; Extinction Event 6.0, an unavoidable truth (coming to a city near you soon)

But is this true? Am I too fatalistic? What can we still do?

Move to Iceland? Party till we drop? Numb ourselves out to oblivion?

Would moving to Iceland help?

Does this mean we all need to move to Iceland?, the podcast host asks Zach next.

According to Zach, the highest concentrations of round-up combined with air pollution ( Carbon Dioxide) and chronic diseases like cancer and the like, are now present in Brazil and China. Emerging new economies that have seen accelerating growth in the past decades and didn’t care much about being green.

And no, it doesn’t help to move to Iceland.

Glyphosate is all around us, in our water, soil, air, and in us since all the world’s ecosystems are connected. Plants, animals, and humans comprise 70% water and glyphosate first spreads through water systems.

Interestingly enough, Russia is on its way to becoming truly organic much sooner than the West in 2025. When we look at its soil management, it has its grain grown more healthily, uses way less Round-Up, and, apart from Moscow, hasn’t lost itself in blind over-consumption. It also has the second most giant lungs of the world. Still, since all ecosystems are connected, it is suffering the same as we.

Moving to the Wolga or northern Siberia and buying a Datcha at one of the least polluted lakes in the world is a good thing to do.

But wait, we can’t since we’re at war with Russia. Putin is the bad guy. And now the whole country is evil. Boehhh.

To explain wars, follow the soil, not the oil

In the podcast, Zach gives a fascinating insight into why wars are waged and for what, in our present timeframe.

The attention has shifted from oil to soil.

Big players like BlackRock speculate on food markets and manipulate them. Billionaires like the Gates Foundation are buying up farmers’ land. Oil has played its role, it’s about soil now.

But why?

When you control the food chain, you control the people. First, you create the food crisis, you create more and more scarcity, and you invest in solutions like fake meat, crickets and patented soy shit.

To increase the food crisis, you start a war in Ukraine.

Are we going into a full-blown conspiracy now?

Wait, let’s hear what Zach has to say on the relationship between poisoned Round-Up soil and wars


Round Up concentrations and wars

Ukraine was Europe’s grain, corn and wheat barn and thus bread basket for a long time, together with Russia. Northern America lost its power as a grain and wheat supplier some time ago since its soil is producing the unhealthiest stuff in the world due to various circumstances. Like 700 times higher Glysophate concentrations found in soil and water samples in comparison to Europe. Levels that are deemed save !

Read that again.

700 x higher.

After these scientifically proven facts, economic behemoths like Japan and Germany banned grain from U.S.A. soil. They would instead buy relatively 700 X less poisoned grain and wheat from Ukraine and Russia.

What would you do?

Until the Russia — Ukraine war and the sequel movie ‘Cold War’ appeared in a propaganda outlet near you.

Behind the scenes, BlackRock and Vanguard rather see Economic superpowers like Japan and Germany depend on their food from the U.S than the enemy of the state NR 1; Russia. So the tables turned, the cards got reshuffled, and the Ukraine-Russia war has placed the U.S. back on the map regarding grain export. And modified new tech food.

This shows, again, that it’s all about the money, not your health, eating good food or that ideologically ‘standing for Ukraine’ would make any difference.

Behind the scenes, wars are created to make complete countries food-dependent on superpowers.

And new technologies. That brings even more cash.

The solution is obvious. Going back to being regenerative in a distributed local economy.

Other solutions — stop being a victim

After this short conspiracy interval, let’s come back to the solutions.

The most important thing is to avoid getting stuck in the victim-perpetrator dynamic. When we focus too much on what is wrong, and how our old school global capitalist anti-human moloch is destroying everything, including itself, we might find ourselves in a place of fatalism or nihilism, being frozen in the spotlights of a contracted victim mentality, just blaming themthe elites, or any power that be.

Remember, they play their divine part, part of our collective shadow, representing our massive blind spot. They push our old story of separation to the extreme. That nature is the enemy. For all of us to see. To wake up out of our slumber.

It is about you. What you can do.


What’s left for us do to do?

Zach ends his talk by asking to investigate where you feel one with nature or where you still believe you are separate and nature is against you.

It all starts there, and then we begin living from this new myth that there is no separation.

He urges us to see we need this new story more than new technological solutions. We must acknowledge that the human body is the best tech ever invented. We need to feel and place ourselves as part of nature.

We need to change the Oxford Dictionary since it defines nature as everything outside of what is human or what humans have created.

This shows we‘ve written ourselves out of nature. We started wars against ourselves, our soil, the mother, our lungs, the Amazon, our neighbour, water and our very own sacred source: nature.

Until we discovered we can’t eat money. As it seems, humanity has to find itself with its back against the wall for any deep change to occur.

Meanwhile, create more (bio-)diversity each day. Eat more diverse, create your own food, share, meet more people, see more colours around you, help more folks in need, and have a broader emotional range. Step out of the mono-culture that is promoted everywhere. Literally.

We must start with giving back and be genuinely regenerative.

Hold the impossible long enough for it to happen, starting in your personal life. No matter the scale or the impact you think your work has. Realize why you’re here in this critical beautiful timeframe of profound change. Remember your role.

It’s nothing less than miracles we need. Start with realising you are a miraculous being living in a magical world full of wisdom, healing and wonder.

Lucien Lecarme. 

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