Vaccine Concerns

Should we ask questions about COVID-19 Vaccination?  

I’ve told my friends, family & acquaintances about 100 times each that they should get the C0vid Vaccine if they feel comfortable with it.  However, I have also asked questions about the vaccine and been censured, ridiculed, and treated like an insane person just because I asked a question or two. You have to admit that asking questions, due to the growing number of post-vaccine reports, shouldn’t be a reason for a person to be locked up and have the key thrown away, should it?  I really just want to feel good about it (for myself and my loved ones) and not have to worry about the chemicals I’m putting into my body. I really think that there’s nothing wrong with asking a few questions about it and that it would be way more worrisome if a person just blindly accepted the vaccine without even asking anything about it.  So I’ve compiled a few articles from a large variety of authors that represent a number of different perspectives (including Conservatives & Liberals, Allopathic and Homeopathic/Naturopathic physicians, Americans, and Europeans, etc.). AGAIN I have no idea how many times I have to say this or have said this but I am not saying you should or shouldn’t get the COVID vaccine – I am just saying please stop shoving pre-approved data from the CDC and NIH down our throats and let us hear and read about a few other perspectives.  If your vaccine is so safe then why wouldn’t you want us to read any other perspectives?  That is what started the COVID hesitancy in the first place.

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

(Article 3 is nice to know after being ridiculed for even SUGGESTING it might help during the height of the pandemic).

Article 4

Article 5

Article 6

Article 7

Article 8

Article 9

Article 10

Article 11

Article 12

Article 13

Article 14

Article 15

Article 16

Article 17


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