Change your life, jump out of a plane….

Change your life, jump out of a plane….

I didn’t write this blog, but I think it’s “right on” and I wanted to share it with you.  I did write something about this subject the other day however, in my blog that suggested this:  in order to get out of a rut you have to do something RADICAL.  Jump out of a plane, go to Africa on a safari, quit your job and volunteer at the local hospital, and on and on.  The point is to do something totally different than what you’ve been doing.  So if you’ve been sitting at a computer the way I have for heaven KNOWS how many years……maybe it would be a good idea to get up and go do something radically different.


Momentum changer

If nothing seems to be going right, break the pattern by getting yourself going right. When momentum is pushing you backwards, make the choice to create some positive, forward-directed momentum.

Just because a few negative things have happened to you, doesn’t mean you’re having a bad day. It means you have the opportunity to make a meaningful positive difference in the direction of the day.

Instead of agonizing over the setbacks and disappointments, get energized and enthusiastic about the good things you can now do. Get energized and then get busy actually doing those things, taking positive action and getting positive results.

Be a momentum changer. Although the day may have started out in an unfortunate direction, that can end right now with you.

Any negative pattern you experience can only continue if you let it. Don’t let it.

Stop the negative pattern, change the momentum and transform the whole day by choosing positive action. You have the power to be a momentum changer, so use that power to the benefit of yourself and all those around you.

 Ralph Marston